DRAFTKINGS Simulated NBA Picks & Strategy: SUNS v SPURS

DRAFTKINGS Simulated NBA Picks & Strategy: SUNS v SPURS

Value Salary DKFPs  
4.0 9800 38.9 DeMar DeRozan\derozde01
3.9 9200 36.3 LaMarcus Aldridge\aldrila01
2.6 6800 18.0 Bryn Forbes\forbebr01
4.9 5600 27.5 Dejounte Murray\murrade01
3.7 6000 22.4 Derrick White\whitede01
2.6 7200 19.0 Patty Mills\millspa02
4.4 4800 21.0 Rudy Gay\gayru01
5.3 3200 17.0 Trey Lyles\lylestr01
7.5 2400 18.0 Jakob Pöltl\poeltja01
5.8 1800 10.5 Marco Belinelli\belinma01
7.9 1400 11.1 Lonnie Walker\walkelo01
Value Salary DKFPs  
4.0 10600 42.3 Devin Booker\bookede01
4.1 8000 33.2 Kelly Oubre\oubreke01
4.7 8600 40.5 Deandre Ayton\aytonde01
4.6 7600 34.9 Ricky Rubio\rubiori01
3.9 5200 20.4 Mikal Bridges\bridgmi01
3.6 6200 22.2 Dario Šarić\saricda01
7.8 2800 21.9 Frank Kaminsky\kaminfr01
6.2 3600 22.4 Aron Baynes\baynear01
4.0 4000 15.8 Cameron Johnson\johnsca02
11.4 1000 11.4 Jevon Carter\carteje01


If you’re going to pay up for your Captain it’s pretty clear that AYTON is the best value for this contest based on his average DKFP’s this season. He was a pretty consistent during the season so you might miss out on a ceiling game from others in this game. Speaking of ceiling games, DeROZAN would be my pick from the Spurs simply because the last month of play he was dropping 50DKFPs on a regular basis with LMA out.

Looking at value it’s clear you can look at BAYNES, KAMINSKY, and POLTL. BAYNES would be my pick out of the bunch as he has a few 40DKFPs games under his belt, however, he’s going to draw a good amount of ownership as will POLTL which I’m cautious about. Sure he has a few good games but he laid his fair amount of duds.

In the mid-range MURRAY pops out but he’s again void of a ceiling but you can’t go wrong with his consistency.

For what it’s worth. I’m going to chase BAYNES as my Captain’s Pick and hope for one of his 40DKFP game’s which allows me to fit in BOOKER, AYTON, DeROZAN and ALDRIDGE plus MURRAY.

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