DFS thoughts on the NFL Offseason – AFC

DFS thoughts on the NFL Offseason – AFC

September is finally here. The pre-season is over. Game Time!

As with all off-season’s change is inevitable. Here are our quick thoughts on each team’s offseason and how it’ll impact your DFS rosters. 

Buffalo Bills (team page)

  • Out is LeSean McCoy and in comes Yeldon, Gore and Singletary. This is a clear avoid until one back takes the lead. Brown is an nice addition to the WR corps and a great target for strong-armed Josh Allen. 

Miami Dolphins (team page)

  • It’s honestly hard to recommend anyone on this roster. Fitzpatrick is the starting QB and they just traded away their starting LT and WR. Will the Dolphins even score any points this season…

New England Patriots (team page)

  • Steady is the course. They did an admirable job replacing all who they lost and anything is possible with Tom under center chucking 10+ targets a game at Edelman.  Dorsett will be an early season gem. 

New York Jets (team page)

  • Bell, Bell, Bell.  Jets focused on offense bringing in a pro-bowler OL to help Darnold and Le’Veon Bell after taking a year off.  Hopefully he didn’t lose a step and is instead fresh and hungry. He can be magical on a week-to-week basis. 

Baltimore Ravens (team page)

  • I am very very excited to see Lamar Jackson. Many are thinking Jackson is going to put up Mahomes like numbers this year. It’s going to be nice to roster him and go along for the ride.  

Cincinnati Bengals (team page)

  • Well, I can’t image the Bengals being good. We will be able to pick on their Defence all season long but I’m not sure they will be able to stay in games long enough. 

Cleveland Browns (team page)

  • Are they the real deal? Beckham and Mayfield will be highly owned most weeks which will have me looking closer at Njoku and Landry.

Pittsburgh Steelers (team page)

  • only 1/3 of the “Killer B’s” remain.  Conner and Smith-Schuster will be leading the charge but value will be found with WR2 and WR3 – one of Moncrief and Washington will be putting up points.   

Houston Texans (team page)

  • What a week. Watson was the highest sacked QB last year but now he’s got and brand new left side with Tunsil and Howard. Look for Hopkins and Hyde to have monster weeks and might be a stack that can win you a week.     

Indianapolis Colts (team page)

  • Okay. Luck was going to have a monster year leading the Colts into the playoffs.  Now Brissett gets the keys with nothing to lose. Ebron is your focus here. 

Jacksonville Jaguars (team page)

  • They paid a ton for Foles – a QB with very similar career statistics to…Ryan Tannehill. Who is he even going to throw the ball to?  With losses on the Defence hopefully Foles is in playoff mode all season long but i’m going to take a wait-and-see approach.  

Tennessee Titans (team page)

  • With a better OL and Cameron Wake coming off the edge it’s clear Derrick Henry will be the FPTS leader on this team in-line for a better year this year over last year. Sign me up. 

Denver Broncos (team page)

  • Flacco’s numbers in 2017/2018 aren’t much different than Keenum’s last year so you can probably avoid that hype. Fant should have an impact and we all know Flacco favors TE’s. 

Kansas City Chiefs (team page)

  • Just play everybody on this team, that is of course if you can afford them. Stacking this team might be difficult as they’ll eat up a chunk of your salary, Kelce, Williams, and Hill, will get their share but the sneaky play will be rookie Hardman who is similar to Hill in many aspects.  

Oakland Raiders (team page)

  • I want to avoid this team so badly. Simply the drama that always surrounds this team makes it hard to take them seriously. Rookie RB Jacobs will get his touches but defences might fill the box and force Carr to throw it as he had the lowest “Intended Air Yards” among QBs last year.

Los Angeles Chargers (team page)

  • Gordon is gone. Tyrell Williams is gone. Rivers is always a great source for offence so Allen and Mike Williams (who never had a 100 year receiving game last year) will see an uptick in FPTS hopefully with minimal salary impact at least to start the season. 

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